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Tekken 5 Game Free Download Full Version For PCTekken 5 is the second last version that I provided on this blog while it is the 5th version of series and this installment was also developed by Namco publisher. You can see many more installments on the blog as well, but you have to wait some days because those versions are still to publish. After publishing this one, I will provide all others of the series. I have already posted one version of the series and that was the third version according to the series. You can see Jin on the cover photo as well and the Jun is also there and she plays like the Jin and actually, they both are family members. Bruce is there to have fun and having fighting matches inside Tekken 5 game setup game free download softonic.

Tekken 5 PC Game Screenshots

Download Tekken 5 Highly Compressed GameThe Devil has won continuous four chances. The warehouse looks very beautiful. The network signal are also there and I don’t know that why they are showing network signal because there is no concept of signals or something else. I think they both are playing online game so, that’s why they are showing the signal of your net speed. They are getting good signal strength. Yes, it is confirmed that they are playing it online and I also play tekken 3 game free download online as well, but you have to install a software for connecting with other players.Tekken 5 Game Free Download Kickass For Windows 7Law and Paul are ready to be in action and actually, they are started the match, but there is the starting of the inning because have too much damage. 47 seconds are still to end the match and you can see that sexy girls are dancing behind the scenes. they are wearing stupid dresses and they just suit their culture, but not ours because I live in Pakistan so, there is value of this dress and these types of girls  as well. The law is going to attack on him and this is the most important attack because it takes too much power in download tekken 5 game free direct link.Tekken 5 Game free download full version for windows 8There is a big match and this match is played between two top class players. The match is going to play between the Grandfather Vs grandson. These two are considered the top players of the installment. You  can see the neatness in the shot and the fire is burning very badly in this shot. Actually, there is the second that containing online version and when you see this picture, then you should know that there is also online version, then you will be ready for that version and will give full performance in Download tekken 5 game utorrent direct link.

Tekken 5 PC Game Characters 

Download Tekken 5 Kickass ISO File GameThere are the characters of this installment and you can see that all players have been unlocked the user played it more times so, that’s the result of playing too much Tekken 5 game download full version 100% working. You can still see an empty box there and this box always there because when you will select a player by choosing that box, then they select a player for you inside the installment and you have to fight with that player.

Installation Procedure?

  1. First of download it from this blog
  2. After getting this installment
  3. Open the folder where you saved it during downloading
  4. After opening the folder
  5. You will see a rar file there
  6. You have to extract that file by using Winrar
  7. Install the Winrar in your computer
  8. After installing it in your PC
  9. Open the file with Winrar and extract it
  10. After extracting the file
  11. Open the folder and actually, you don’t neet need to open the folder
  12. You have to install Pcsx 2 emulator in your computer
  13. Get it from its official site
  14. After getting it, then go to install it
  15. after installing the PlayStation 2 emulator
  16. Do some basic setting and select bios setting
  17. After doing this all
  18. Open the emulator
  19. Select the .bin extension file from the folder where you saved it during extraction
  20. Play and Enjoy 😀

Info About The Publisher, Developer, Modes and Operating Systems? 

  • Was published by Namco
  • Was Developed by Namco North
  • Having fun with Multiplayer
  • Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2+ PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

System Requirements

  • Core 2 Duo
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Graphics Card = 512 MB External
  • Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 7+Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bits)
  • Sound
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Hard Disk Space = 4.70 GB

Tekken 5 PC Game Official Gameplay Trailer Movie


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